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Martyn Bennett 

ARTIS are an independent material consultancy specialising in the testing, analysis, development and recycling of rubber materials.  Whilst our expetise is in the rubber industry, having formed from the Research and Development department of Avon Rubber Plc, we also have the ability to test and develop a range of other materials.

Launched as an independent testing laboratory in 2007, ARTIS have a wide selection of equipment to enable an extensive range of rubber testing and analysis to be carried out.  A comprehensive knowledge of a range of rubber materials also enables the development of compounds for specific applications


Materials and Design

  • Analysis

  • Materials selection

  • Rubber


  • Compression moulding

  • Injection moulding

  • Mixing and compounding

  • Profile and sheet extrusion

Secondary Operations

  • Testing

  • Welding and fastening

  • Adhesives, sealants and surface preparation


  • Environmental and recycling

  • Expert witness and legal


  • Automotive

  • General products

Other Skills

  • Degradation

  • Project management

Personal Profile


Extensive experience in the rubber industry addressing a wide range of problems

Martyn has spent much his working career with Avon Rubber Plc. He joined the company as a Teaching Company Associate in 1997 with Bristol University Mechanical Engineering Department and is now Chief Scientist of ARTIS – the consultancy group of Avon – which was formed in 2007.

Throughout his career he has specialised in rheology and processing and has considerable experience of rheological evaluation and investigations and the subsequent impacts on process behaviour. 

He was responsible for setting up the Materials Development Centre for Avon, which was the forerunner of ARTIS. The Materials Development Centre was the R & D centre for the whole of the Avon group and was responsible for:

  • Materials and formulation management

  • Product and materials research

  • Factory problem solving

  • Customer support

  • Concern resolution.

MDC also achieved ISO TS16949 in conjunction with the mixing facility located at Westbury.

ARTIS continues that role for AVON whilst offering consultancy services to the wider industry with ISO9001:2008 approval.

Industry involvement:

  • Chairman of Loughborough University Materials Department IAG

  • Visiting lecturer at Loughborough University Materials Department

  • Visiting lecturer at Queen Mary for Dr James Busfield.

  • Polymer Society Board of the IOM3 and also the Scientific Advisory Committee.

  • Strong personal links to the Materials KTN and the Manchester Polymer Group.

Landmark Achievements

Landmark achievements include :

  • Setting up MDC and ARTIS facilities

  • Solution of major coolant hose issues with large automotive supplier

  • Solution of major customer concern for FMCG sealing application

  • Fundamental understanding of the issues behind a number of customer concerns and product functionality issues

  • Development of the knowledge to link materials selection, product design, service life ageing behaviour and product functionality for Avon Dairy Products allowing products to be designed with a fundamental understanding of the link to functionality and ultimately animal health.

  • Provision of some of the fundamental science behind many of Avon’s materials and their selection for specific applications.

  • Process development for rubber crawler track production

  • Oil and gas seal forensic analysis and materials development.

Key areas of interest

  • Rheology and processing

We have some unique equipment for evaluating the rheology of rubber compounds in shear flow, and also lubricated wallslip effects through direct slippage measurements. The same equipment will also quantify the interaction between rubbers and the mould surface / release agents.

  • Experimental design

We have extensive experience of using statistical techniques to evaluate multivariable problems and for optimisation of materials, processes and operating conditions. This has been used in numerous situations for process optimization and trouble shooting to find the key factors affecting a process and the levels of sensitivity. Similar techniques can be used for looking at historical data.

  • Problem solving

When factory floor problems are too large or complex for the operations team then “8d” type problem solving methods can often help pin down the root cause and identify day 1 problems. The key, as always, is listening to the operators and understanding the fundamentals of the process.

  • Recycling

Having almost completed a 3yr study on tyre recycling, looked at numerous pyrolysis carbon products, power station fly ash, and developed TPE’s from recyclate : - recycling is an area expertise and there is access to facilities to evaluate this in detail through ARTIS.

  • Adhesion and surface preparation

Through ARTIS we have access to significant Adhesives expertise both for bonding applications with rubber and also composites and sealants. One of the ARTIS Team has many years of experience in Aerospace applications and was part of the air accident investigation branch.

  • Sealing applications

The sealing expertise lies in two key fields – aerosol spray cans and valves and offshore oil and gas seal evaluation. Both areas are critical in their own way and we have experience of materials selection for these and other applications such as defence and automotive.

  • Compound development and selection

The experience with Avon Rubber gives access to a vast knowledge of rubber compounding going back 125 years covering all aspects of compounding from high load bearing tank track pads and bushes, rail components, offshore, dairy, defence, automotive, food contact etc.

  • Specialty Market Research, (UK and Europe)

We have many contacts in many industries and so are able to evaluate the state of the market for various products – please contact for details.


Martyn can offer expertise in these areas and has access to full analytical facilities with DSC, TGA, FTIR, GCMS, SEM and DMA and can offer a full reverse engineering  - formulation identification service for most rubber materials.

He also has access to full lab scale compounding facilities, sample preparation and mechanical testing and ageing - see the ARTIS website for more details : www.artis.uk.com

Contact Address

Artis, Hampton Park West, Semington Road, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6NB, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1225 896 502

Fax: +44 (0) 1225 896501

Mob: +44 (0) 7884 476 252

e-mail: martyn.bennett@artis.uk.com

Web site: www.artis.uk.com.