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John Duncan


Materials and Design

  • Analysis

  • Biomaterials

  • Materials selection


  • Fibre reinforced

  • Quality assurance

Secondary Operations

  • Testing


  • Technology transfer and licensing


  • Automotive

  • Biomedical

  • Building

  • Electrical and electrochemical

  • General products

  • Packaging

Other Skills

  • Training


Materials Analysis

  • Thermal Analysis

  • Practical use temperatures

  • Test method development

  • Deformation mechanisms

  • Round robins


  • Basic plastics information

  • Thermal analysis

  • Sample preparation

  • Polymer structures & their deformation mechanisms


  • Technical support

  • Sale of Company

  • Product licensing

  • Technology transfer


  • Moulders & extruders

  • Composites

  • Polymer R&D

  • Academia

  • PharmaAutomotive

Personal Profile

Currently Managing Director at Lacerta Technology; a Thermal Analysis Instrumentation consultancy, design and measurement company. I have spent over 37 years working in the field of the physical properties of polymers and my specialities include Dynamic Mechanical and Dielectric Thermal Analysis. Most of my current work concerns consultancy work in these areas, helping clients to solve measurement issues and developing long-term testing strategies to enable both development and control of materials they are using. 

Other consultants that I work with have been active in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Thermal Methods Group. As such, we can advise on suitable training courses, both in-house or via the RSC TMG.

My experience working for a scientific designer and manufacturer of Thermal Analysis Instrumentation, gives an edge with contract thermal analysis work, where we can bring our considerable experience to bear on any project. We have the in-house capabilities of DSC, DMA & DETA measurements and the novel identiPol QA, specifically designed for Quality Assurance in the plastics’ industry. Our reputation is well known for our skills in such analysis work, especially for Dynamic Mechanical and Dielectric Analysis.

Milestones in career

  • 1979 Started work at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Teddington

  • 1987 Post Doc at UMASS Polymer Centre with MacKnight & Karasz

  • 1988 Senior scientist at Polymer Laboratories (USA)

  • 1990 Scientific manager at Polymer Laboratories (UK & Europe)

  • 1997 Formed Triton Technology Ltd with other ex-Polymer Laboratories colleagues

  • 2006 Sold our highly innovative Tritec DMA design to Perkin Elmer, now sold as the DMA 8000

  • 2011 Sold Triton Technology Ltd to Mettler –Toledo with the TTDMA now being sold as the DMA1. Lacerta Technology Ltd formed for selling the novel identiPol product

  • 2013 New identiPol products launched at K show

  • 2014 Established consultancy work in the field of thermal analysis, using mostly Triton & Lacerta Technology instrumentation.

Contact Address

Lacerta Technology Limited

80 Hathern Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire LE12 9GX

Tel: +44 1509 828 890

email: John.duncan@lacerta-analytical.com

Web site: www.lacerta-technology.com  www.identipol.com