The Institute of Materials (IoM) is the professional body of the materials science and engineering community. An elected council governs it and with a membership of over 18,000 individuals throughout the UK and Europe, the loM represents a formidable range of expertise across the disciplines of ceramics, metals, polymers and composites.

The IoM exists to promote and develop all aspects of materials science and engineering as a leading authority in the worldwide materials community and to provide a first-class service to members, customers and industry, supported by a well-trained and motivated staff.


The aim of the Industrial Affiliate Scheme (lAS) is to bring the benefits of membership of the Institute of Materials to companies as a whole, giving rapid access to the Materials Information Service (MIS) who assist with solving materials and related problems. Company membership of the IoM through the Industrial Affiliate Scheme, launched in 1996, now stands in excess of 200 members.

The lAS membership drive was originally focused on small and medium sized companies. This is still the case, but at the same time the lAS has broadened its appeal and now includes several household names amongst its members. including ABB, Lotus and Nokia UK Limited.


The Industrial Affiliate Scheme is geared to companies who do not have specific in-house expertise, and need assistance with their materials problems through the Materials Information Service (MIS) and if required a Materials Adviser with specialist knowledge in their field.

Industry can access the resources of the Institute and MIS by joining the Industrial Affiliate Scheme. which provides low cost company membership (subscription charges are detailed below).

Let us make your materials problems our business.


  • Impartial, confidential advice on materials problems including onsite visits.
  • Unlimited accesses to the MIS telephone Helpdesk based in Sheffield.

Our Motto is 'If we don't know, we know who does'

  • A block of free consultancy from a local Materials Adviser.
  • A free copy of Materials World, the Institute's monthly journal, covering what's new in Materials.
  • Discounts on Literature Searches.
  • Discounts on advertising in loM journals and magazines.
  • Reduced rates for loM products and services, including: Room hire, Conferences, Seminars, CPD, Workshops, Training Programs and Publications.

If you would like further information on the IAS / MIS call Jan Czerski on 0161 969 6355
Or email

How to join the Industrial Affiliate Scheme

Companies can join the scheme by payment of an annual fee, based on turnover on a sliding scale. Membership is site specific but any employee on that site can access the scheme.

Annual turnover                        Annual fee (£)

Under £1 million                      £350 + VAT = £411.25

£1 to 3 million                        £450 + VAT = £528.75

£3 to 5 million                        £550 + VAT = £646.25

Over £5 million                      £650 + VAT = £763.75


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I enclose a cheque payable to Institute of Materials for £

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