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Energy Management in Plastics Processing - 2nd Edition

Dr. R.J. Kent
Tangram Technology Limited

May 2013 - Now available to order from AMI here.

The new 2013 edition of Energy Management with over 30% new content, updated pages throughout but still accessible and practical. Designed to provide processors with all the necessary information to reduce energy usage and costs by up to 30%. Using the same clear and easy to read layout as Cost Management, this book will be invaluable to any plastics processor trying to make sense of reducing energy usage and cost.

This unique book provides a structured approach to the techniques of energy management and covers the main topics of relevance to plastics processors. It is designed as a workbook for practical use, and it contains advice which can be applied within companies involved in all types of plastics processing, in order to reduce their energy usage and costs. The main principle applied throughout the book is the reduction of the amount of energy used to process each kilogramme of material, resulting in lasting savings. Benchmarking data is provided to enable companies to compare their performance with their competitors, and ‘Where are you now?’ charts indicate the best opportunities for improvements. Practical solutions are provided to manage and reduce energy usage across the entire manufacturing site, including general buildings and offices, as well as processing equipment, factory services and related operations. The author is a renowned expert in this field, and has extensive experience in carrying out energy surveys and designing energy management systems in plastics factories.

This is a companion volume to his successful guide to Cost Management in Plastics Processing, third edition, which was published in 2012.

Format: A4, perfect bound, soft backed, c 355 pages.