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Eddie I Sheridan


Materials and Design

  • Materials selection



Secondary Operations



  • Environmental and recycling

  • Expert witness and legal

  • Export & import

  • Legislative and regulatory

  • Marketing and market research

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Strategic planning and forecasting

  • Technology transfer and licensing


  • Automotive

  • Biomedical

  • Building

  • General products

  • Packaging

Other Skills

  • Authoring

  • Literature and patent search

  • Training

Personal Profile


Edmond I Sheridan DMS, MIM, MBIM

After studying chemistry and plastics technology at the South Bank University a short period was spent in building foam development for Rosefair Ltd. Joined Edwin G Fisher in 1969 as consultant responsible for information systems and market research. During the period 1973 -1982 employed by detergent to food multinational Unilever Plc as a packaging advisor.

Re-joined Edwin G Fisher Associates in 1982 as a principal consultant with special responsibility for market research covering all fields of plastics application. Also has a post-graduate management qualification.

Edwin W Trevitt MIM, ATSC

The period 1944 - 1962 was spent in the paint industry with ICI working on process development, Vulcan Products and Mander Bros on synthetic resin development and Berger Paints as Resin Plant manager, Works Chemist, Works Manager and Divisional Manager - Can and Strip Coatings.

Joined Novadel Ltd (AKZO Group) in 1962 as Sales Manager for paint industry products, PVC stabilisers and catalysts for plastics. Later undertook responsibility for sales development and diversification studies.

In 1970 joined the plastics consultant Edwin G Fisher and became a principal consultant.

Company Profile - Edwin G Fisher Associates

Edwin G Fisher Associates is a consulting company specialising in plastics and other fields of polymer application, having additional expertise in the packaging area. Established in 1951, the aim of the consultancy is to assist clients with the development of their business activities by offering technical and market research services tailored to meet their specific requirements, including:

  • market research and forecasting

  • feasibility studies

  • reviews of technology and state of the art

  • surveillance of new products, processes etc

  • location and advice on agents or distributors

  • technology licensing

  • technical advice and assistance

Since it was founded the organisation has worked mainly on a contract or assignment basis with corporations world-wide.

The following reports have been published by the organisation:

  • Single-use Thermoformed PET Ovenable Food Trays in Western Europe (1986)

  • West European Market for PET Bottles and Rigid Containers 1986 - 1996 (1987)

  • Rigid Packaging Opportunities for PET in Europe to the Year 2000 (1990)

  • Opportunities for Plastics Recycling in Europe (1991)


  • Associated Companies:  RJS Consultants, Townmain Ltd, Associates in Japan, USA, Germany, Israel, Denmark, France

  •  Names of Partners/Directors: E.l.Sheridan, E.W.Trevitt

  • Number of full time graduate or equivalent consulting staff:  4

  • Number of staff who are members of marketing research professional associations: IMRA 2

Brief Description of Firm and Activities

Edwin G. Fisher Associates was founded in 1951 as a technical consultancy to the plastics industry. The organisation is now able to offer assistance in all areas of business strategy including technoeconomic studies, marketing, market research, diversification, new product and technology searches, feasibility studies, acquisition studies and licensing. Particular experience is available in plastics, polymers, paints, surface coatings, chemicals and packaging.

The aim of the consultancy is to assist clients with the development of their business activities by offering services tailored to meet specific requirements and budget considerations whilst gaining maximum effectiveness by close co-operation.

Areas of Special Interest



Non-Metallic materials






Plastic Films







Advanced Composites

Paints and Surface Coatings

Household Appliances



    Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy. Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, USA.

Types of project

Product/market studies

Economic studies

Acquisition studies

Export market studies

Statistical reports

Financial research

New product studies

Database developments


Product pricing studies

Corporate/strategic planning



Project planning

Postal surveys

Report writing

Desk research

Executive interviewing


Telephone research

Data analysis


Contact Address

Edwin G Fisher Associates, 41 Walton Road, Bushey, Herts., WD23 2JD.

Tel: 01923 237160

email: info@egfa.co.uk

Web Site: www.egfa.co.uk