Injection moulding - The Mould

by R Tomlinson - Plastic Moulding Solutions

Part design

You cannot start to talk about mould design without first talking about part design so here are a few useful tips when designing a product or part for the injection moulding process.

 Mould design

The basics:

Mould construction

Construction of the mould will depend a number of factors. Prototype moulds can be made from various materials including epoxy resin, printed 3D ABS, aluminium and steel it is usually determined by the requirements for a prototype part and the number of samples required for testing.

Construction of production moulds are generally determined by the following factors the annual requirements from the mould will determine the cavitation of the mould, this will determine the physical size of the mould, the complexity of the part, the cycle time requirements of the moulder, the lifetime of the product or part, the final cost of the mould and any guarantee given with the mould.

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