Primary Skills

Materials & Design

  • Testing




  • Expert witness

  • Export and import

  • Market research


  • Packaging

Other Skills

  • Project management

  • Training

Other Skills

Materials & Design

  • Characterisation and development of polymers, plastics and composites

  • Failure analysis


  • Polymer laboratory building

Our Experience

Expert in Testing and Characterisation of Plastic and Composites. Strong experience in Polymer Research & Development as well as failure analysis in polymer-based materials.

Material Scientist, with a PhD on polymer physics and more than 8 years of experience in the development and characterisation of materials.

Project Manager in long and short-term material development projects and initiated collaborations with top research institutes and international companies

Member of the IUPAC sub-committee of the Structure and Properties of Commercial Polymers

Strong background in advanced materials such as composites, biomaterials, polymer etc.


Testing for biodegradation of plastics and packaging materials – 11th November 2020

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