Lunch and Learn’ webinars: the Product Lifecycle Webinar Series

Sustainability in plastics processing is increasingly important and the industry needs to understand the complete lifecycle of products.

To help with this, the PCN and the BPF have joined forces to present a series of ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinars: the Product Lifecycle Webinar Series.

Presented by expert consultants in the PCN from all sectors of the industry, the webinar series will cover all aspects of the life of a product under the general topics of: raw materials, manufacturing, use, end-of-life and managing the product life. The complete series will provide the industry with the essential knowledge needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Each 45-minute webinar is free for BPF members and will focus on a specific topic, presented by acknowledged industry experts in each specific area.

1. Raw Materials
Bioplastics technology and markets: overview of drivers, developments and trendsTerry Cooper10/11/2020
Testing for biodegradation of plastics and packaging materialsMichail Kalloudis11/11/2020
Introduction to high performance thermoplasticsPeter Cracknell18/11/2020
The hidden life of PURFabrizio Rizzato / Petra Mickova24/11/2020
Basic thermal analysis – what we can learn from DSC and DMAJohn Duncan02/12/2020
Formulating and designing plastic compoundsPravin S. Mistry13/01/2021
2. Design
Nature of plastic materials and influence upon designPeter Cracknell20/01/2021
Carbon footprintingRobin Kent27/01/2021
Design for recyclingKeith Freegard03/02/2021
3. Manufacturing
Energy managementRobin Kent10/02/2021
Water managementRobin Kent17/02/2021
4. Use
Essential properties for packaging filmsPeter Cox09/03/2021
Failure analysis in plastic products, assessing the mode and the cause of failuresMichail Kalloudis16/03/2021
Sustainability and packagingSarah Greenwood21/03/2021
Plastics in automotive applicationsTrevor Hutley14/04/2021
Plastics in wire and cable applicationsTrevor Hutley29/04/2021
5. End-of-life
Recycling – Transitioning to a resource efficient economyKeith Freegard12/05/2021
End-of-life challenge for rigid and flexible plastic packagingTerry Cooper19/05/2021
6. Managing the life
Resin procurement for the life cycle of a productGraham Chetwood26/05/2021
Mergers and acquisitions – an overview of M&A, buying and selling companies and joint venturesPravin S. Mistry11/06/2021