Primary Skills

Materials & Design

  • Product design and evaluation


  • Blow moulding

  • Injection moulding

  • Thermoforming


  • Eco-product design

  • Energy management

  • Recycling and recovery

  • Sustainability management


  • Market research


  • General

  • Packaging

Other Skills

  • Project management

  • Training (incl. online)

Other Skills

Materials & Design

  • Design for the circular economy

  • Design for recyclability

  • Design productivity


  • Packaging assessment and evaluation

Other Skills

  • Product development workshops

  • Packaging legislation

What we do

Brian is an experienced design and development professional who works in the plastics industry, mainly, but not exclusively, with packaging. His core skills are design and development, and he has considerable experience in sustainability and design for the circular economy.

  • Designing new products, design for efficiency, incorporating recycled content, design for recyclability, sustainable design.
  • Assessing existing ranges to create more sustainable products, building development strategies, reviewing recyclability.
  • Workshops and training on sustainability, recyclability, the effects of impending legislation, and design productivity for the packaging industry.

Personal Profile

Brian Lodge
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Brian has a Degree in Industrial Design (Engineering) and the IOM3 Diploma in Packaging Technology and has worked at several major international companies, including converters, brand owners and design agencies, in the UK, Europe and Africa. His main roles have been in design and new product development, but he has spent time in supply chain management, quality assurance and product testing as well.

His main interests are in helping industry improve the sustainability of their products through design, lightweighting, incorporating recycled content, and design for recyclability. He is currently chair of the RECOUP Recyclability by design committee and the WRAP Jazz polyolefins committee, as well as sitting on the OPRL Technical Advisory Committee. He is also a past joint chair of the Recyclass Advisory committee, the PCEP Innovation committee, and two committees of the CPA.

Alongside working as an independent consultant, Brian also works part time for the British Plastics Federation, where he is the Director of Plastics and Flexible Packaging where part of his role is to work with government and civil servants on the latest legislation facing the packaging industry.