Primary Skills

Materials & Design

  • Materials selection

  • Materials qualification & certification

  • Product design and evaluation

  • Composites

  • Thermoplastics

  • Thermosets


  • Composites using the prepreg route
  • Composites using the preform and resin infusion route

  • Extrusion

  • Pultrusion

  • Adhesive bonding

  • Drilling & trimming

  • Health and safety

  • Compression moulding

  • Quality – NDT & lab testing


  • Use of sustainable, natural fibres and resins


  • Programme & project management


  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • General

Other Skills

  • Authoring of procurement, processing and quality specifications
  • Testing – materials & components
  • Troubleshooting

What we do

We are a leading consultancy on all aspects of all polymeric materials.

  • We specialize in Composites (fibre reinforced polymers):
    • Both thermoset and thermoplastic.
    • Material Characterization.
    • Material Selection.
    • Material Qualification.
    • Design.
    • Product and Materials Development.
    • Process Certification.
    • New Product Introduction.
    • Manufacturing & Mould Tooling.
    • Non-destructive testing.
    • Destructive testing.
  • We also consult on both engineering thermoplastics such as PEEK and commodity thermoplastic such as polyethylene.
  • We consult on both highly regulated and low technology industries.
  • We consult on product and process improvement and optimization.

Past assignments

My assignments have been varied in terms of industries and content. While I have worked in all fields of polymers I have specialized in Composite Materials and am at the forefront of the technologies involved ranging from design and materials science through manufacturing and tooling to product assurance and project management.


  • Aerospace – fixed wing – Boeing, Airbus, GKN, Pilatus, Bombardier.
  • Aerospace – rotary wing – Hughes Helicopter, Westland.
  • Automotive – Jaguar LandRover, Aston Martin.
  • Industrial – Bridon Bekaert Ropes, Slingco Cross Arms.
  • Research – NCC plus many other industrial organisations throughout the years.

Countries worked and lived in

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • Europe – Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Germany, France, UK

Examples of projects

  1. Recovered 6 months production from a faulty Autoclave:
    • Mapped out position of moulds in the autoclave and took samples from offcuts from components in expected cooler areas.
    • Cured research samples at various steps above and below the target cure temperature.
    • Tested all sample using SBS, Tensile strength and flexure, DSC, DMA.
    • Cleared (approved) 98% of the output to the satisfaction of the FAA.
  2. Qualified a Hexcel carbon/Epoxy prepreg:
    • Manufactured some 5% of the coupons which were tested by Hexcel.
    • This data was combined with Hexcel data to qualify the prepreg for use by the client.
  3. Researched techniques to improve the plastic sheathing of steel and synthetic fiber ropes:
    • Introduced new super thick Polyethylene sheathing.
      • Designed the extrusion die.
      • Specified the processing parameters.
      • Supervised the initial production.
  4. Managed the design and sourced all the body panels for the Aston Martin DBX prototype:
    • Made the body panels from glass/vinyl ester wet lay-up:
    • Roof and windscreen from toughened glass:
    • Underbody panels from thermoformed Polypropylene:
    • Bumpers from thermoformed Polycarbonate:
  5. Directed the initial design of electricity power distribution Cross -Arms including forensic analysis of competitors products:
    • Optimized the design using FEM and materials selection of Composite material box sections filled with PU foam.
    • Assisted with the outsourcing of the manufacture of pultruded hollow box section beams in glass fibre/epoxy.
  6. Researched the processing of PEEK polymer for a wing leading edge.
  7. Researched into the Airbus “Wing of the Future programme” at the National Composites Center using novel techniques.

Personal Profile

Eric Reddock
Reddock Consultancies

I have some 30 years’ experience of Composites and Polymeric Materials in general and have worked for most the aerospace and automotive OEMs plus several general engineering organizations. On graduating with a Masters in Polymer Engineering from Cranfield in 1980 I progressed to Production & Production Engineering Manager for Composites and Metal Bonding at BAe Space Division prior to going freelance some 6 years later. I have been freelancing ever since.

Contact Details