Primary Skills

Materials & Design

  • Product design and evaluation

  • Testing


  • Compounding

  • Equipment

  • Health and safety

  • Injection moulding

  • Quality

  • Tooling


  • Recycling and recovery


  • Export and import

  • Legislative and regulatory

  • Market research

  • Mergers and acquisitions


  • Automotive

  • General

  • Medical

  • Packaging

Other Skills

  • Authoring

  • Project management

  • Training (incl online)

  • Troubleshooting

Other Skills

Materials & Design


  • Fibre reinforced

  • Fibres and textiles



  • Cost reduction exercises

  • Strategic planning and forecasting

  • Technology transfer and licensing


  • Building

Other Skills

  • Benchmarking

  • Change management

  • Translation

  • Operations improvement

What we do

We aim to provide our clients with tailored solutions, customised to the individual requirements and enhanced by valuable first-class expertise. Our main activities are:

Analysis & Strategic Advice
Business analysis, evaluation and transformation, identification of improvement areas, analysis of cost drivers and processes, business development and growth strategies

International Relations
HR Management, Culture Change, Management Development & Corporate Identity

Manufacturing & Technology
Process review and evaluation, definition of improvement potential, advanced processing technology, plant and site development

Personal Profile

Contact Details

Gerhard is a broadly experienced Senior Executive (Director) and Advisor with a strong international operational background and 20 years sound general management experience in the European industry (Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland and UK). He holds a university degree in general engineering and business economics and is an alumnus of Cranfield University. Additional qualifications include Lean/Six Sigma Management, cost accounting, investment strategies, purchasing and personnel management. More recently he was awarded a Six Sigma Green Belt from Cranfield University.

Initially, Gerhard started his career in project management in the US, followed by intermediate and senior management positions in Switzerland, Germany, The Benelux and the UK. Over the past 20 years he held several Director positions in European companies. He has spent part of his career in the automotive, plastics and packaging industries where highly competitive markets demand efficient operating systems, precise planning and high customer service levels. His career allowed him to gain hands-on general management experience as well as detailed operational and manufacturing knowledge in a wide spectrum of world-class businesses. Since setting up FBC Ltd. he has used his experience to assist many companies across Europe during various stages of their business development and transformation processes.