Primary Skills

Materials & Design

  • Analysis

  • Materials selection


  • Extrusion

  • Injection moulding

  • Thermoforming



  • Export & import

  • Market research


  • Electrical / electronic

  • General

  • Packaging

Other Skills

  • Project management

Other Skills


  • Business improvement

  • Cost reduction

  • Purchasing improvement


  • Building products

Other Skills

  • Benchmarking

What we do

SSC Consult offers consultancy services to plastics processors seeking a better raw material procurement strategy.

Reducing purchasing costs through best practice procurement is our core competency. In a one-to-one consultancy, we will analyse your demand, your supplier infrastructure, your contracts and conditions.

Based on this analysis, we will develop a detailed strategy for optimising your cost structure, increasing your leverage and your ability to effectively reduce purchasing costs. We will define a tailored procurement strategy based on your individual requirements. All our services are geared towards your individual polymer procurement requirements. We will help you develop both short-term as well as long-term buying strategies with a focus on the potential for maximum reduction in procurement costs. We will meet your individual requirements and adapt our measures to your business conditions.

You can be assured that we will treat all your data and information with the utmost discretion. SSC Consult’s service is unique. We are completely independent and do not act as a raw material buyer or seller.

SSC Consult – Introductory presentation

Our experience

Graham is a Director of SSC Consult. Graham joined SSC in 2010 and has over 35 years purchasing experience in FMCG, chemicals and plastics business. He spent 7 years at Union Carbide with ultimate responsibility for purchasing at all production sites in the UK. After 5 years at Black and Decker he joined Viskase Corporation and in 1997 moved to France to become Director of Supply Chain for their European plastic and cellulose food packaging operations. Prior to joining RTi he was responsible for purchasing at Innovia Films, a major BOPP with film producer with over 130,000 tonnes of capacity worldwide.

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