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Materials & Design

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  • Materials selection

  • Testing


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  • Electrical / electronic

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  • Packaging

Other Skills

  • Training (incl online)

Other Skills

Other Skills

  • Instrument servicing

What we do

We can perform contract thermal analysis work, using the following techniques: DSC, TGA, DMA & DETA and the novel identiPol QA, specifically designed for Quality Assurance in the plastics’ industry. All of these techniques are available within the same laboratory

  • Full characterisation of materials using Thermal Analytical techniques
  • Glass Transition (Tg), Melting Point (Tm), Crystallisation, Degradation onset
  • Cost-effective test method development for Thermal Analytical Research
  • Studies of blended materials, including miscibility.
  • Composite materials measurement, including degree of cure studies.
  • Deformation mechanisms in plastics.
  • Unique identiPol QA2 for all plastics’ Quality issues
  • Training on all Thermal Analysis techniques
  • Instrument servicing

Lacerta Technology offers Contract Research for assistance and advice on materials’ development and characterisation of mechanical and thermal properties over a wide temperature range and in controlled environments, for example air, nitrogen, fluid immersion and varying relative humidity. Our laboratory is equipped with the necessary equipment for Thermal Analysis: Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and the more specialist techniques of Dynamic Mechanical (DMA) and Dielectric Analysis (DETA).  This enables us to fully investigate changes in polymeric structure in the solid state and these techniques are used extensively in studies on polymer blends, evaluation of crystallisation in materials and assessing the degree of cure for thermoset resins. Detailed analysis can assist in the optimisation of processing conditions.


Basic thermal analysis – what we can learn from DSC and DMA – 2nd December 2020

Personal Profile

We have an excellent reputation in the field of Thermal Analysis and are used by many well-known companies, including Arrabon Technologies, Braidco Flexitanks, Notedome, PCN, Triumph Motorcycles.

Lacerta Technology can also provide Instrument Servicing on all Triton Technology and Lacerta Technology equipment including the Perkin Elmer PE 8000 DMA

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