Dr. Trevor J. Hutley – serving the polymer industry since 1974


Materials & Design

  • Additives & property modification

  • Analysis

  • Formulation

  • Materials selection

  • New product development


  • Injection moulding

  • Mixing & compounding

  • Quality assurance

Other Skills

  • Authoring

  • Degradation

  • Literature & patent search

  • Project management

  • Training

  • Translation

  • Troubleshooting

  • Expert Witness


  • Environmental & recycling

  • Expert witness & legal

  • Marketing & market research

  • Mergers & acquisitions M&A

  • Sourcing

  • Strategic planning & forecasting

  • Technology transfer & licensing


  • Automotive

  • Agriculture

  • Industrial

  • Building & construction

  • Electrical & electronic

  • Packaging

Plastics specialist: Formulation, Polymer Materials, Additives, Bioplastics, Compounding, Product development, Polymer processing, Application Development, Technology transfer, Technology commercialisation, Market research, Problem solving, Strategic thinking, Training, Teaching, Mentoring, Feasibility Studies

Dr Trevor Hutley is a recognised polymer expert, an invited conference speaker and moderator, with a passion for teaching, who has broad experience in the global polymer, plastic and petrochemical industry, across many companies and organisations, in many pioneering and complex situations.

An unusual multi-cultural combination of broad and deep technology and science knowledge, combined with finance, marketing, manufacturing and global business experience. An advisor on research & innovation.

Trevor Hutley
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Contact Details

Global Polymer Industry Consultant
Research & Innovation Advisor
Technical & Management Consultant

Dr Trevor has broad experience in the global polymer and petrochemical industry, across many companies and organizations, including The British Plastics Federation, Dunlop Engineering Plastics, Dunlop Technology Division, DuPont Engineering Polymers, OneChem.com, The [Saudi] Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu, Lotus Engineering, Sipchem, GPCA, Pan Gulf Holding, Dhahran TechnoValley Company, Haward Technology; based in the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, 10+ years in the Middle East, and now in Thailand. He was a consultant and advisor to the polymer group of The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research KISR in Al-Ahmadi; he continues to teach polymer courses in the region; he was a technical and management consultant to Polykem, a Swiss technology development company; and has worked with the University of Liverpool to commercialise new discoveries in polymer chemistry. Now an (independent) principal consultant to the Innovation Practice of DuPont.

His qualifications include a PhD in polymer engineering from Cranfield Institute of Technology, an executive MBA summa cum laude in finance and marketing from BSL (the Business School Lausanne) and a first class BTech in polymer technology from Brunel University. A British citizen, Dr Trevor married Julie née Carman in 1976; they moved to Switzerland in 1989, where their daughters Kelly (1981) and Katie (1986) live.

Dr. Trevor is a pioneering, visionary and creative technical leader. Kaizen is part of his DNA. He works across the professional spectrum, from highly technical activities (research, development, technical service, patent & literature search, product and materials development) through resourcing (sourcing, staffing and recruitment, training, teaching) through to commercial and strategic activities, such as market and business research, and development, technology commercialisation, due diligence, positioning, mergers and acquisitions, building financial and business models.

Dr Hutley is a creative, insightful, analytical, penetrating, inquisitive, strategic, and lateral thinker; and a passionate and capable speaker, with a sharp dry wit.

Bioplastics –  the past, the dynamic activity and the potential future 

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It was broadcast by the BPF on Tuesday 26 April 2022 using GoToWebinar, with Paul Baxter, Events Manager of the BPF as the host.

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